Bangkok Street Food

Bangkok Street Food

Here is a list of some of our Favourite Bangkok eating spots. None are easy to find and all are worth the effort!  

On the way to Khlong Lat Mayom is a Tom Yum vendor that we have based our Tom Yum on.
The place doesn’t have an English Name but the facebook page below has the address.
It is well worth stopping at. The street is Inthrawat Road, look out for the Pepsi sign on the left hand side.

This is the google street view link although the photo is quote old, the Pepsi sign is still there though.

Other worthwhile markets are of course Chatachuk (known as JJ) and the Train market Talad Rot Fai.
Chatachuk is a huge day especially for the kids, it is best accessed by the BTS Skytrain.
Much cooler and a great insight into the hipster Thai community is the Talad Rot Fai, it’s only open evenings from Thursday to Sunday.We still remember the Thai Chicken noodle soup we ate there on our last visit. 

Naeng Loeng is an old style Thai wet market, like an outdoor foodcourt.
Well worth a visit but make sure you go during eating hours.

Wang Lang is another interesting market that is easily accessed by Ferry which is a great way to get from one  side of Bangkok to the other, and its super cheap.
Heaps of great snacks here too.

From Wang Lang you can catch the ferry to Phra Artit pier near Khao San road and access more great restaurants.

Somsong Pochana is a great place to try Sukhothai noodles, a dish we will likely introduce soon at Soi 38.

Khun Deng Guay Jub Yuan sells a Vietnamese style Thai noodle soup. It’s a hard to find dish but very delicious.

Aisa Rot Dee is a Muslim restaurant that sells amazing beef and chicken on rice in a Thai style biryani call Khao Mok. The green chilli sauce is superb! Don't worry about Austin’s comments, he is super picky. It‘s worth a visit.

Bamee Sawang serves awesome but expensive by street food standards Crab Claw noodles soup, near Hualompong train station.

Jok Prince sells Thai congee called Jok in a dingy laneway. It’s famous across Bangkok.

For authentic Pad Thai you can’t go past Thip Samai. Worth a visit so you can try what Pad Thai is supposed to taste like.

Now Boat Noodles.

First up is Soi 38’s unofficial sister restaurant Nai Berm. We love this place and this is how we reckon boat noodles should be done.They also serve a mean Tom Yum.

Another of our favourite boat noodles is a place across the road from Wat Khruea, I don’t know the English name. They serve great boat noodles and tom yum and also satay chicken and pork which are fantastic.

You can also get a different style of boat noodles from a number of restaurants around Victory Monument in what is called boat noodle alley. They sell smaller bowls for very cheap, around 30 cents each and the idea is that you eat a lot of bowls and stack them up. It’s a fun place to visit and you will observe a lot of young Thai people hanging out and eating noodles there.

Lastly is a place I haven’t been to but have heard a lot of great things about.
Soei is on a train platform which is unusual but serves great looking and I have read tasting Thai food.

So that’s a lot of options for you! Happy food adventuring!